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Disclaimer: This directory can not be used as proof that an actor truly is Indian by blood.


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Molly Culver. Photo by Kathy Williams

This used to be a page where I kept a listing of those actors who were rumored to be Native American. Lately I'm being told of more and more actors who look white, though they're actually a very high percentage Native American. There's no point putting them in the directory of Native Americans who look Native, so I'm putting them here instead (chiefly because the actor directory is being used by casting directors - I seem to be forever whittling away on that directory to cater to those - they look for those who look Native American). So this list is not only of high profile actors anymore.

Though when a Native American actor who looks Native makes it as a cross over actor or gets big parts, I'll often list him here as well as in the main directory on the site.

Also check this one: Mixed hispanic/Native American

Take a look at this page about Fake indians for people who had Native parts in movies without being the real thing. Eh, this page is no longer completely accurate. The owner is working on an upgrade, mgiht take some time before he gets it right. Wanna help?

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