Nick Ramus

passed away at the end of May 2007. We will remember him fondly!

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Message (wav) from Nick (August 15th 2000)

Photo left: As Black Kettle on Dr Quinn
Photo right: As he looks today
Photos Nick Ramus and wife


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What A Character! bio


Nick was the first actor to use my online interview form. He went back and did a second installment on January 15th 2000.

1: Born:

Sept. 9

2: Marital Status:


3: Height:


4: Weight:


5: Eyes:


6: Hair

dark brown

7: Heritage/Tribe:


8: Education:

Bachelors Degree with major in Chemistry and minor in Zoology, Eastern Washington College

9: Hobbies:

Roller blading, tennis, riding my horses, riding my motorcycle and also my bicycle

10: Special skills:

Languages, bareback riding, ice skating, boxing

11: Recent projects:

Reocurring guest star Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman series, guest star Walker Texas Ranger, guest star McKenna

12: Current projects:

Producing my oneman play of an EVENING WITH SITTING BULL

15: Favorite film/TV:

When I turn on the tv, I most enjoy science fiction and documentaries.

16: Favorite actor/actress:

Robert Duvall and Jodie Foster

17: Role model:

Malcolm seventh grade teacher

19: How did you get into acting?

Bought a banjo from a friend, started singing folksongs in night spots, took voice and drama lessons.

20: What kind of film role would you like to have?

I like to stretch and would enjoy any role of substance.

21: What would be your dream role, and what kind of production would you really like to get produced and be involved in?

My dream is to produce and star in the one-man play that I have written entitled "An Evening with Sitting Bull"

22: Of all the characters you've portrayed, which was your favorite?

A very difficult question to answer.....because I have portrayed a number of historical figures and each one is very special in his own way. I enjoyed playing twins in Windwalker and growing old in Centennial.

23. Of all the movies/productions you've been in, which is your favorite?


24: Who is your favorite native actor? Non native actor?

Chief Dan George


Nick lives in California, not far from Los Angeles.

Photo: The note Nick sent me along with the photos

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