Casting calls

I'll post casting notices here up to several times a week, and remove the old ones. Will post on the NativeCelebs facebook page when I update the page. I usually don't include "any ethnicity" postings. Instructions for casting directors/producers below

New: A facebook group where anyone can post casting notices:
- will probably be more updated than this page, so check it and become a member if you're an actor or need to post a casting notice!

Also check out the document on that group, where I put casting resources as I find them, both regional and general.

Update August 4

Ojibwe preferred. NYU thesis film. Many roles - including teenagers and children.

Feature. Bay Area. Non-union. No pay? 14 roles, all ages

Short. Voice over. Lo/no/deferred. NY. Young - male and female

Commercial. Los Angeles. Deadline Aug 4. Young male.

Feature. Austin, TX. Non-union. Deferred. Late 20s-30s female.

Live event. Waltham, MA. Non-union. no pay. 30-50 male


Also, check out the casting section, where you can upload your picture.

For casting directors/producers: The easiest way to spread casting calls widely now, is to post them on Facebook. The best way to do it, is to write a Note - and set the permissions so Everyone can see it - that means anyone logged on to Facebook, and it can be forwarded and reposted virally. If there's a big casting call, an Event can also be used. Post it to the Native American casting group. Don't use words like "today" or "tomorrow", since these could be forwarded for weeks if there are no hard dates attached ;-)  Also, check the casting section to see if maybe you can spot someone you want to audition already.


Casting calls


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