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Bret Culpepper

(1/8 Cherokee, 1/8 Oneida). The Native look wore off as he grew up and he does "ordinary" parts. He says: "According to what little research Grama Jo was able to do, I look like just about 1/2 of the Cherokee's on the Res during the mid to late 1800's, with all the Caucasian's that married into the Nation before Jackson got his revenge on us."

Gregory Zaragosa

Sitting Bull in Annie Get your gun on Broadway. Filmography .

Mail from Greg:

Hi Annie
I am Gregory Zaragoza.
I just finished a one-man show about a homeless Native-American called "Sacred Journey" at the Blue Heron Theater in NYC. Take a look at my great review at: for 10/10/2000 under the theater section. I was also "Scar" in "North & South" mini-series (Heaven & Hell) as well as "Cal" in "Grace & Glorie", Hallmark Hall fo Fame TV movie. I have a movie coming out soon currently called "Legend of the Cornbomb Space"; its now at the festivals. I was Leon Perez on "New York Undercover". I do alot of theater as well. Let me know if you want additional information or photos.

Ray Sergeant aka Steven Green

(Muscogee/Cherokee) Filmography: Body Snatchers (with Billy Wirth) Blue Sky, In The Heat of the Night (TV), Long Walk Home and XXX's and OOO's. Filmography .

Ronald G. Joseph


Over 40. Appeared in: Northern Exposure as Renaldo Pinetree, PI in episodes Eye of The Beholder and Blood Ties. Also as Capt. Dunn in the movie Navy SEALS (1990). Submitted by: (not the actor himself)

Severt Young Bear Sr


Seivert helped to co-found the Intl. Brotherhood Days Powwow, was very active in raising the standard of livingh on the Rez for the people, and was made an honorary chief shortly before he died in part because of his humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Oglala Lakol Oyate. He was a diabetic and passed away shortly after having suffered a heart attack while visiting Iowa on behalf of the Brotherhood Community Refief Org. It is now a tradition to have an empty chair sitting out for him at the powwow that he helped to start.

Seivert also helped to teach Rodney Grant and Kevin Costner our language for Dances with wolves. He taught them the Buffalo Dance (Wacipelo Pte) which is a dying art on the Rez. Not too many people left who still remember that one. He was also one of a very few who remembered how to do the Ghost Dance. He is descended from survivors of Wounded Knee (the first version), and has a distant kinship to people like Crazy Horse and Gall, etc.

He had a similar role in Thunderheart, and helped to smooth the way for Ted Turner to film on the Rez, and rounding up extras, etc. His wife Myrna and several sons are still on the Rez.

He did not think of himself as an actor, rather as a teacher and diplomat if you will, to create a bridge between the mainstream and Rez culture.

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