Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Floyd Red Crow Westerman at FAITA 2000

Photo: Kathy Williams

Annie - January 2001:

Floyd is really nice, and the absolute coolest! I can tell you this guy knows how to relax and have a good time - lots of Indian humor. Although I didn't understand everything (I'm white, if you hadn't picked up on that before), I understood enough for him to let it rip. I met him twice, and even heard him sing (wonderful voice). Angelique even got to sing with him, she had a blast!

Floyd is very serious when it comes to Indian matters. But as a person he's very warm and funny. He's working on getting his studio off the ground right now, and the acting is a tool to get attention for other things he has in his heart. He's so wickedly funny I hope he'll still be acting for a long time to come. Hope somebody can write a part that will do him justice.

You should see the Dharma and Gregg episode, because that's got some humor in it (but not even close to how he can let it rip with friends!). Still, I'd like to see him in free form in either a movie or some other type of production.

Right now the best way is probably when he's doing lectures or concerts.

Contact for Floyd: SADHEARTFILMZ@aol.com 

Rachael says:

Floyd is from the Dakota branch of the Sioux people. He is 63 years old (but he says 35 haha) He spends his time travelling and educating people all over the world about the dangers of destroying the rainforest and how to treat mother earth with respect and love. <snip>  He even toured with Sting in the early 90's for the rainforest cause. He helps out people of all ages from Indian kids here in LA (with his horse program and at the Indian Center) to others who are in need. Floyd is honored by various individuals all over the world, including myself, for his kindness and brave heart. Not to mention one of the funniest people I know.

Floyd had a recurring part in Walker, Texas Ranger in the early seasons as "Uncle Ray". Does a great deal of narration on NA and Western documentaries. He's also a musician.

There's a lot of info in Floyd's IMDb filmography, including agent info.


On & Off the Res with Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill and Floyd Westerman, Directed by Sandra Osawa. A story told by Charlie Hill of his dream to become a stand up comedian and the continuing obstacles he faced in achieving this dream. The one-hour documentary utilizes performance clips and interviews along with music by Floyd Westerman to weave an inspiring story of persistence in achieving a personal mission.  Festival Showings, 2000


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