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Celia Chassels at Gary Goddard and Associates
10 St. Mary St., Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4Y 1P9
(416) 928-3056
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Billy Merasty  

He is a Cree Actor from Manitoba who speaks his language fluently. He is fairly well known here in Canada and I know that Aboriginal Voices featured Billy on their front page with a very interesting article to go with it. 

IMDb filmography, TVtome

Random facts gathered from the net:


Thanks to Rachael Sadheart Waller for sending the photo

For contacting Patrick, please go through channels for now.

Patrick Shining Elk

Patrick is Shoshone and is an experienced bareback rider, bullrider, and all around horseman.

Anasazi Moon
Christmas In the Clouds
Dream Catcher
A town Has Turned To Dust
Wind River
Touched By an Angel
Promised Land
Photo Justice
Plus Theatre and commercials

Patrick is in the Native Life Calendar 2002, see interview


Vince "White Owl" Ramirez


Also known as Navaho dreams.

Model, actor

Believer Management
(310) 657-2551

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