Capture from The Young Riders #Pride and Prejudice. 1990

Joseph Runningfox

aka Joseph Running Fox aka Joseph Running-fox



I finally talked to his agent (March 2 2001), and although he hasn't done anything since Ravenous, Joseph is still pursuing acting. I'll be sending a fax so he'll know about winning the poll (I'll tell him he's won twice, should wake him up!). I also heard from a friend of his, who says: "Joseph Runningfox is still in the business. He has been away for a couple of years or so and from what I understand he's getting back in." She also says he's fairly private.

Just so he and his people understands: I get lots of mail about Joseph, fans who are very frustrated because they can find no info on him. They want info and photos, and I can't deliver. Actually, I just got some captures from The Young Riders (April 2003). I will NOT put them on NativeCelebs, but if you've got a space for them, let me know.

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This was written about another actor, but it may help you understand Joseph as well: "Many don't realise that although some American Indians have been thrust unwittingly into the limelight, that they are still very private and protective of their personal lives and their culture.Respect is at the core of their existence and all must strive to honor that."

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