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Cameron "Chilan" Mustain (Mayan). Started acting around 1987, and does both acting and stunts. Second degree Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate. Winner of New York state AAU Finals, Placed second in the Southeastern United States AAU Finals, Competed in the U.S. Nationals and was invited to the Junior Olympics. Experienced in Capoiera and Kali. (Brazilian and Phillipino Martial Arts). Wrote and Recorded his first Hip Hop CD, "Chilan". Released in spring of 98. Produced and Recorded 12 inch single, "Brilliant". Released in 99. Featured on Ill Mentals Compilation. Has also been DJing ,(DJ Vex) for several years. Contact info to come soon.

IMDb Filmography

Clint Lilley. Another stuntman who has worked on a lot of films.  He is NA on his mother's side... He and his dad Jack Lilley owns and runs "Movin' On Livestock" which supplies all the horses and animals for movies. Clint is an outstanding stunt man in his own right and travels around the world working for Major Hollywood films. - Rachael

Clay Lilley. Clint's brother. IMDb

David Alvarado. (possibly part Comanche) Stuntman. He's been getting regular parts as well as lots of stunts. Won the FAITA stuntman award 1999. Filmography

Don Shanks - Wikipedia

Henry Kingi Jr (black/white/Cherokee) IMDb, Star Trek Wiki


Duane Howard (First Nations)

Dutch Lunak  IMDb

Jackson Burns (Cherokee/Choctaw/European)

Juddson Keith Linn - see profile page

Mike Martinez (Apache descent), stuntman.

Rick Monahan

Rod Rondeaux  


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