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Interview with Eric:

All of this info came from an interview (my interview form) on May 2nd 2000. I've confirmed it is indeed Eric, and not some fake posing as a celebrity. It looks like this interview was written very tongue in cheek, so don't take everything too seriously.

Born: June 19th 1967
Height: 6'2 
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes:  brn
Hair: blk
Marital Status: none
Heritage/Tribe:  Inuit/German
country: Canada
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver

8. Education:

 Never needed any.

9. Hobbies:

 Playing drums in a band and carving Inuit masks.

10. Special skills:

 same as above

11. Recent projects:

 The Big Eden

12. Current projects:

 Direct my own damned movie.

13. Future projects:

 Anything without buckskin outfits.

14. Favorite book/author:

 The Prince : Nicolo Machiavelli

15. Favorite film/TV:

 Bugs Bunny

16. Favorite actor/actress:

 There are alot of really gifted actors that I like.

17. Role model:

 My role models are other animals besides humans like woves and coyotes and sea lions. They don't have their own "Agenda" beyond getting something to eat and basking in the noonday sun with their close friends.

18. Who has been your greatest inspiration?


19. How did you get into acting?

 I wanted to do it since I was a kid so I ran it down.

20. What kind of film role would you like to have?

 Anything without buckskin outfits>

21. What would be your dream role, and what kind of production would you really like to get produced and be involved in?

 We're doin' it.

22. Of all the characters you've portrayed, which was your favorite?

 Pike Dexter in "The Big Eden".

23. Of all the movies/productions you've been in, which is your favorite?

 The Big Eden

24. Who is your favorite native actor? Non native actor?

 There are alot of gifted actors out there, native and non-native that I like.

25. Where would you like to be professionally in ten years?

 Doin' the same thing but doin' it better.

26. What are your immediate plans professionally (other than projects)?

 Makemore masks for mass consumption.

27. Where would you like to be personally in ten years?

 Wherever you go there you are.

28. What has had the greatest impact on your life?

 Being the unfortunate victim of "State Sanctioned Kidnapping"(Adoption).

29. What are your religious beliefs?

 I beleive in Life.....True Love.....Helping People That Sometimes Can't Help Themselves.....and Peace.

30. How did you get into your religious experience/conversion/commitment?

 By being human.

31. How would you best like to be remembered?

 That I tried.

32. As fans of Native Americans, what can we do to encourage film makers, producers and casting people to hire more Native Americans in other than Indian roles?

 Nothing. We'll just make our own.

33. Now that you have participated in movie making, does it ruin for you watch movies? I mean since you know how it's done and all?


34. Any kids?


35. Your views on drugs and alcohol.

 The scourge of humanity.

37. While we're on the subject, how do you feel about fans approaching you in various situations?


38. Many native actors are also singers, musicians or dancers. Do you have a talent in any of these areas?


39. Of all the songs you've recorded/sung, which one is your favorite - for listening to or for singing?

 I haven,t recorded any, we,re just jammin' right now.

40. For less active actors or those with a "comeback":
What have you been doing the last few years / since you were last in the spotlight?

 Making "Bad-Assed Inuit Art".

41. Which of "your" movies is the best in terms of - would you have gone to see it even if you weren't in it?

The Big Eden.

General comments:

 Don't ever take yourself too seriously.

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