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Alex Rice - 


Lisa LaCroix

I don't know anything about her, except I've seen her in Adventures of Shirley Holmes #The Case of the Cunning Coyote, where I got this capture.


As Nandile in Geronimo, a role she got a FAITA award for!

Lusheia Lenaburg

Lusheia moved to LA around May/June 2000. She sent me an e-mail, and said she'd send me material - including set photos from Doe Boy (she was in that movie). Unfortunately her voicemail number didn't work when I got around to calling, and I haven't heard from her for a long time. Last I heard she was working in the biz, quite impressive for someone who just arrived!

Lusheia, I got tired of waiting for the new material, so I put what I had on the net, hope you don't mind - and hope you get me some new stuff soon!




Rebecca Berenson


Will be in a recurring role on General Hospital soon.

She's done theatre, film and is also a singer.

Disclaimer: For some of these actors there are no photos available on the web. In an effort to get the attention of people associated with these actors, I'm displaying close up captures of these actors (depending on availability). I don't like using captures, and as soon as I get legal photos to display of these actors the captures are gone. In other words, give me an excuse to take these captures down. I've seen that a presence on the web has a big effect in getting exposure and more fans for an actor, so this is important.

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