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Tamara Feldman

The captures here are from the Icebreaker commercial. I assume this is Tamara...


She's posted to the guestbook, so yes, she does read it - eventually.

IMDb filmography

Captures from Smallville:
Photo 1, Capture 2

WB site #Skinwalker

Smallville ladies

Bluecorn comics essay

(mother is Cherokee/Mexican)

Tamara played Kyla on the Smallville episode "Skinwalkers"

New short film:

USA, 2003, Super16, 16 min. (Los Angeles Premiere, DWF 2004)
Writer/Dir: Joseph McKelheer • Prod: Elizabeth McCoun, Joseph McKelheer
Cast: Joseph McKelheer, Tamara Feldman, Dan Butler, DJ Harner, Linda Park, Bret Roberts
When John Geldersma is asked to paint a portrait for a peculiar family, he is presented with the opportunity to leave the lonely and obsessive world he has created for another chance at love.



She attended the Diesel Fall Winter 2003/04 Collection Preview Party with Aaron Paul

Attended Glamour's Annual Don't Party - May 8th (see Wireimage)

O.B. commercial (confirmed)

Romy and Michele: Behind the Velvet Rope (very small role?)

One of the fans spotted Tamara in the Winterfresh commerical. Take that as a unconfirmed sighting for now.




Angel McFarland-Sobotta

A member of the Nez Perce Tribe, a direct descendant of Chief Red Grizzly Bear and Old Chief Joseph.

Angel is married to a wonderful man, Bob and has a beautiful son Payton Francis (bd:3-3-01) and a baby girl Glory Rose (bd:9-9-02)

Angel is a family member of the M-Y Sweetwater Horse Ranch which is the largest herd of Appaloosas owned by a Nez Perce family ( She is also a member of the Nez Perce Appaloosa Horse Club as well as being one of the wranglers.

Angel's interests in performing started early as she grew up dancing and was a member of the touring Mashantucket Pequot Foxwood's Dance Troupe. As an actor, Angel appeared as Barbara in TNT's "Lakota Woman", and was a featured powwow dancer in "Naturally Native".

She is a University of Washington graduate who promotes drug and alcohol prevention and healthy relationships. 

Angel is a playwright for the youth and community productions. In 1998 she received an Idaho Commission on the Arts grant to finish writing her contemporary play, "Bright and Beautiful Oykaloo". 

She is the Nez Perce Leep'wey Arts Council chairperson and was a cast member of the NPLAC play productions since since 1998 in which Angel also wrote three of the plays.

This year she has written the "Wetxuuwiis" play about the Nez Perce girl who was captured and returned, who later saved Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery from being killed in 1805. Angel was the Storyteller in the play. Look for more writing from Angel in the future.

One of Angel's ultimate goals is to learn the Nez Perce language in which she is employed part-time for the Nez Perce Language Program. Angel also does public speaking presentations on her Nez Perce family history.


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