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Christopher Judge  from the Stargate series. I got an e-mail today (July 14th 2000) about him, and this fan said he was half Cherokee. Helen's Christopher site, Stargate bio, IMDb filmography

Henry Kingi Sr.

Says a fan: I read years ago that he is of Native American/African American/White Heritage. And was married to Lindsey Wagner of the "Bionic Woman" fame. 

He's of Cherokee ancestry and is about 50 (written in 1997).

Salli Richardson is well established as a mixed actress - she was in Sioux City where she played NA. Probably her only role where she used her NA heritage (I'm not well read about her, so I could be wrong). Usually she gets black roles. (Tribal affiliation: Cherokee). The official site - this one seems to be either down or experiencing problems!!!! A few "babe" type pages: Daniel Cedras:Salli (has many captures from Sioux City), Fansite. Sally is also part African American. Filmography.

I'm kicking myself for not archiving her official site while it was still on the air, but at least I saved a "free" image, so that I can use it now! In fact, more celebs should do this: Have one or more free images fans could use in settings such as this! Probably with rules as to proper use, though...

Woody Strode

The gladiator who fought Kirk Douglas in Spartacus, also starred in westerns

I received this from Greg. I changed a few words to sew it together:

Strode was definitely part Native American and made no qualms about it. He was in the NCAA, NFL, Canadian Football League, Actors and Stuntment Halls of Fame and did such classic films as "Spartacus," "Sergeant Rutledge" and "Once Upon a Time in the West." 

Strode's mother was full-blooded Blackfoot. If you've ever seen Strode, you can easily see he has Indian blood. He always kept up with his Blackfoot heritage, especially when he played in the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampeders. Not knowing anyone, he made lasting friendships with the Canadian Blackfoot tribes.

In film, he often portrayed Indians, including John Ford's "Two Rode Together" and "How the West Was Won," in the 1966 Western classic "The Professionals" and with Sean Connery in "Shalako." 

All in all, it's easy to say he was probably the most famous and successful Black and Indian actor of all.

He died of lung cancer at age 80 in 1994, shortly after filming "The Quick & The Dead" with Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone. 

P.S.: In the very famous opening scene at the train station in "Once Upon a Time in the West," there's an Indian woman inside the station. She was played by Strode's wife, Luana. However, contrary to popular belief, she was not Native American. She was pure Hawaiian (in fact, she was a direct descendant of the Hawaiian royal family). 

Strode was a famous professional wrestler in the 1950's. He often wrestled Indians in the ring. Because of prejudice from white fans, promoters often assigned Indian wrestlers to referee his matches and act as bodyguards.

Since Greg identified Strode as probably the most famous black/Indian actor, I should mention some others: 



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