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Chief Dan George, (Coast Salish) Died 1981, 82 years old

He was Oscar nominated for his part as Old Lodge Skins in Little Big Man.

Chief Leonard George 

"Smoke Signals" is a Coast Salish native of North Vancouver, B.C. He is the Chief of the Burrard Indian Band. He is also a son of the late Chief Dan George ("Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman, and "The Outlaw of Josie Wales" with Clint Eastwood). Leonard succeded his father as chief after he had passed away, and is currently still the chief. 

I just got word from his photographer that he needs new photos taken since he cut his hair. He said it was normal, whatever that means...?

IMDb filmography, Professional Headshot, photo, photo with son Isaac

Lee Maracle

is Coast Salish, and is a grand child of the late Chief Dan George. She has some credits in theatre. "Someday" a play written by Drew Hayden Taylor, is one that she has performed in on several occasions. She is most famous for her written talent. Book credits include: Sojourners Truth (a collection of short stories) Bobbi Lee- Indian Rebel (semi-autobiographical) Sundogs (novel) Ravensong (novel) and several poems and essays published in a variety of anthologies and publications. 

She signed my guestbook: 

"Love the site. Thanks for putting me on there. I have done more than Someday, I am a performance poet, traditional performance story teller, have four plays to my credit and one t.v. "celeb" guest spot on "The Merman-off". I so enjoyed looking at the pics of actors... Lee Maracle  Barrie, ON Canada - Monday, June 12, 2000 at 17:45:48 (EDT)

Scream in High Park/w photo

I found a few other Maracle actors in IMDb, and also was tipped of yet another one. I'm guessing they are related to Lee, but haven't had the chance to really ask her yet:

  • Sherri Maracle - is in a bear commercial on Canadian TV

  • Mark J. Maracle was in LOTM

  • Richard Maracle played a chief in "By way of the Stars"

  • Redd Maracle - this one was in a film where it wasn't immediately clear from reading the credits that it's an NA actor or role.

Columpa Bobb

is half Coast Salish and half Thompson (a Native Nation in British Columbia which is next to impossible to pronounce in its original language), and is the daughter of Lee Maracle. She has done mainly theatre, but has some tv credits as well. She was cast as a Native nurse (Mary Cook) in "North of 60" during the time when the non-native nurse was mentally unstable. And she played a guest role in the short-lived series "The Rez".

She was in Johnnie Greyeyes, as Lana. Georgina Lightning and Gail Maurice was also in that movie. Looks like it's been shown on the Sundance festival. Ruth has gotten hold of a tagline: The story of the worldly Johnnie Greyeyes who finds spiritual purpose in a woman's prison

IMDb filmography

Sid Bobb

has done mainly theatre, but has some movie credits as well. He is the son of Lee Maracle, and younger brother of Columpa. He is graduating from UofT with an Hon BA, majoring in Drama and Sociology. Recent film credits include Twice In A Lifetime, Canadian History Series, L'Histoire Max. Also The song of Hiawatha (1997) as Young Huron Warrior.

IMDb filmography, TVtome, Photo

There are some more Bobbs, but I don't know for sure (yet) if they're related. Couldn't tell from their IMDb filmographies, so I'll leave them be for now.

Thanks to Peter for tipping me of these people, and providing the nucleus of the bios!

Charlene Aleck

Charlene is Granddaughter to the late Chief Dan George, and niece to Chief Leonard George. She spent 16 years on Canadian TV show Beachcombers and just recently reprised her role as Sara.

Beachcombers, Beachcombers on CBC
Eaglestar Productions Inc, grip equipment rental company owned by her and her husband

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