Cody Lightning

and Crystle Lightning, Georgina Lightning and William Lightning

Cody Lightning as young Daklugie in TNT's Geronimo. Georgina Lightning in the series West Wing #Indians in the Lobby


Letters from Georgina Lightning:

A letter from Georgina Lightning June 19, 2003:

We've returned from our very remote location, Stanley Idaho. Population 100. It was beautiful out there though. Of all my years in this industry I would have to say this film presented the most difficult working conditions I have ever faced, but at the same time most rewarding experiences as an actor with the amazing cast we were blessed to have working with us. They made all the difference in the world with their strong preformances and creative contributions in all the rewrites of the script. The story took on an entirely different shape with greater depths in characters and native mythology. We dropped the original title of the film since it doesn't fit anymore so at the moment it remains "Untitled". We have a few ideas but want to wait until it's finished to lock it in. I am very anxious to get started on post production. The plan is to get the financing in place soon enough to complete the film in time to submit to Sundance Film Festival. 

Cross your fingers for me.

Until next time take care annie;


Georgina Lightning in an e-mail October 31 2002:

(Annie: This piece is lightly edited, hopefully retaining all the original meaning!)

I just finished working on a Hallmark mini series called Dreamkeepers. It will air on ABC in May. It's being edited in London right now and they will bring it to LA where we will do the voice over and adr work. I've researched music composers for them as well... <snipped, waiting to mention names until it's set in stone> 

...I was originally hired to do all the acting coaching and aboriginal advising and consulting for all the key depts. It was an incredible challenge and I loved it.We were dealing with 6 different languages and dialects. I met a lot of great people on this project. Friday morning Cody and I are off to Utah. Cody is cast in Chris Eyres basket ball movie for Showtime. He is playing a radio d.j. He also worked on Dreamkeepers. He was cast as one of the seven brothers in the little dipper legend. William's most recent job was on a film this summer with Juliette Lewis called Blueberry. They shot in Mexico and then finished the shoot in Paris. He had a great time. My daughter Crystle went to Paris with him. He also just finished shooting his short film. Now he's in the editing stage. He's is building his directors reel. Crystle is studying right now with a great studio under Jerimiah and she's still taking piano lessons. Her most recent acting gig was on a music video for a rapper named Exibit.It's on heavy rotation on MTV. Check it out if you have time... 


Interview with Cody

Guestbook for the actors from "Edge Of America", where Cody played a radio dj

Filmography: Grand Avenue, The Brave, Smoke Signals, Manic, My BrotherFilmography . Forum at TVtome

Cody is one of the Lightning siblings.  Crystle and William are also well known and talented. They have occasionally played siblings on the screen as well. All of them were in Tecumseh. Cody played Loud Noise (Tecumseh's brother) as a child.

Productions you can see in the near future:

Edge Of America - currently playing on Hallmark (September and October 2003) in most of Europe and many other places in the world

Dreamkeeper - coming to Hallmark in Europe and other places in October 2003. Coming to ABC in the US in December 2003.


Official site

Page with links, Photo at FAITA, Filmography. Was 15 in 1996.
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up as Jo

TVtome (includes forum)


See above for a 'newsletter' from Georgina

Georgina's background:

- GEORGINA LIGHTNING attended The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, with highest honors and from there was invited to join the prestigious Academy Repertoire Company where she had leading roles m several stage-productions including Much Ado About Nothing, Lie of the Mind, Educating Rita and Broadway.

Georgina is the mother of this talented bunch. She's starting to gather speed as an actress herself. She knows the biz and is very protective of her kids.

IMDb, TVtome (includes forum)


William is probably in his late teens by now. Was in Blueberry

TVtome (includes forum), Filmography

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