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This is Heather's casting photo, which FAITA got from her agent. Hope it's OK that I use it.

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I've seen Heather in lots of TV-series, from Dynasty, T.J. Hopper to Melrose Place. Her newest TV-series is Spin City. She's either a very good negotiator, or it's true what they say - she can turn a TV-series around just by appearing in it?

Although her face is so familiar to me and millions of people, would you ever think she could be part Native American? No way! Well, the truth is reservations around the US are filled with very different looking people. Some look like the Hollywood Indian, but not that many. There are also quite a few blond, blue eyed Indians about, and Heather is evidently one of that type of Indians. I don't know exactly how much Indian blood she has, I've never received any exact account on that, but it's sizeable enough the tribal enrollment people themselves recognize her as Lumbee!

FAITA has given her awards for her performances in TV-series several years. Dual purpose: Get more exposure for NA actors by sending out press releases with a name actor, and because she is a good actress with NA blood.

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Report on Heather's FAITA award 1999

The PBS program Point of View's website claims that the "Locklear" family she belongs to is of Native origin. Got a mail contesting the claim 5-12-98. Another mail said that Heather had said in an interview she's Lumbee - a tribe that isn't federally recognized. I get lots of mail about this, most saying she probably is part Lumbee. One Lumbee said the Lumbee tribe accepts her as Lumbee, and that she probably could qualify for membership if she wanted it:

Brenda (22 Mar 2000):
Regarding Heather Locklear. I spoke with our tribal enrollment director a couple of years ago. Heather is considered and recognized by us as Lumbee and has cousins in Robeson County, NC our traditional homeland. I do not know if she is enrolled but certainly could be if she wanted. It is true we are not federally recognized but are state recognized since late 1800's and in 1956 the Congress recognized us as Indian people but without BIA services or sovereign nation status. So we are not some new group just rebanding. In fact we are the 9th largest tribe in the country. The Lumbee people have over 250 years of recorded history. Of course prior to that it is oral history. We continue to seek fed. rec. and are renewing efforts this year to achieve this. Also a Lumbee by the name of Melinda Maynor is a film maker and has a web site about the Lumbee people and her films. I also think a Lumbee film maker a few years ago had a film at Sundance film festival. (I think it is called that) I saw it on the internet somewhere. Not sure if this is Melinda's work. Sorry for soapbox but Lumbee people have struggled for so long I am deeply proud of our accomplishments. 
Thanks for listening. Brenda

There are other opinions about the Lumbee tribe:

Sandy: The Lumbees are not (federally) recognized and they are extremely mixed. Many Indians do not consider them native at all. And many do not have any Native blood but married individuals with a minute amount There does not seem to be any distinct culture and no historical record. I have two Lumbee friends who are very much involved in the Native community and have been somewhat accepted. Most are not. 

Here's something sent to me by a representative of the recording artist Jana:

Jana is a member of the Lumbee tribe, the largest tribe East of the Mississippi. Although over 12 bills have been introduced to the Federal government, the US Congress has acknowledged the Lumbee as Indian but has not recognized them as an actual Indian Tribe, thereby denying them many services. Jana is a strong advocate for Native American rights and always strive to bring awareness to Native American issues. 

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