JAG: The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse

Let me know if you have material on these actors (who they are, what tribe, etc):

Betty Carvalho as Margaret Blackhorse
Unknown as unnamed elder
Unknown as unnamed elder
Unknown as unnamed elder
Grace C. Renn as Adele Wheeler
Gregory Norman Cruz as Paul Begay

Someone told me:

Greg is 1/ 8 Apache, (Chiracauah I believe), and 3/ 4 Mexica, (Mexican Native American). He appeared in Scarface, had a starring role in "Tecumseh", won the theater critic's award for his lead in "Three Penny Opera", and recently guest starred on" Dr. Quinn", "J.A.G.", and "The Pretender", and a lot of other stuff.


Joshua Estrada as Navajo Judge

There were other actors in that episode, but these were too well known to merit inclusion here (enough images of them on the net).

Steve Reevis played Adele's husband Sammy

Frank Sotonoma Salsedo played Johnny Blackhorse (Margareth's husband).


Disclaimer: For some of these actors there are no photos available on the web. In an effort to get the attention of people associated with these actors, I'm displaying close up captures of these actors (depending on availability). I don't like using captures, and as soon as I get legal photos to display of these actors the captures are gone. In other words, give me an excuse to take these captures down. I've seen that a presence on the web has a big effect in getting exposure and more fans for an actor, so this is important.

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