Jeanine Standing Bear

and Luther Standing Bear

Jeanine Standing Bear casting photo

Jeanine Standing Bear (Lakota) lives in Florida now. Right now she's doing mostly voice-over and commercial work.

Film roles include a PBS documentary, "The Homestead" Extra roles in "Mighty Ducks," "Untamed Heart." Lead in "The Visionary". Co-Founder of Minnesota Tribal Theatre Productions, Acting in both theater and film for the past twelve years in and around the Twin Cities. 

Jeanine is back on the net after a major computer crash: 

Agent: NUTS/Jan Hilton (? that may have changed after relocation?. Location: Florida. Equity eligibility.

Local theatre, industrials, documentaries and major movies (extra), theatre. Uncle: Luther Standing Bear, Great, great grandfather:Chief Gall

Luther Standing Bear:

He started his acting career in 1912 and worked with William S. Hart among others. He is listed in IMDB. He was not happy with the way American Indians were depicted in the movies.He authored a few books and "My People the Sioux" tells about his life and his movies. He attended Carlisle Industrial Indian School.

Chief Gall (not an actor)

Jeanine says: I am most proud of and connected to my grandfather Chief Gall. More information can be found on him since he was an intrical part of Custer's Last Stand and he was also half brother to Sitting Bull and best friend to Crazy Horse.

Other Standing Bear actors found in IMDb:

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