Jules Desjarlais

This is his headshot, he just sent it in October 2000.


Dr. Quinn #The Abduction as Old Knife

(March 23rd 2001): Hello Annie,this is Jules Desjarlais. I wanted to pass on some information about the Blizzard Film Awards here in Winnipeg, Manitoba canada on friday, march 2/2001. I received the award for "Best Performance by a Manitoba Actor" for the video "JCR:The Sharing Circle". My award was sponsored by Manitoba ACTRA. There was a write-up in the Winnipeg Free Press, Saturday March 3,2001 entertainment section, page B5, article heading,"Winnipeg Film Festival" written by Dinah Clarkson

NativeCelebs interview (update October 2002):

Born:  July 6th. 1951
Marital Status: divorced
Height: 6'00
Weight: 185
Eyes: brown
Hair: long / black
Heritage/Tribe: metis/ saulteaux
country: canada
State: provence of manitoba
City: winnipeg

8. Education:

 B.of Education

9. Hobbies:

 guitar, visual art,archery,muzzleloaders

10. Special skills:

 bareback riding,martial arts, recording artist. I also speak Mechif 

11. Recent projects:

 Narration for series "La Voix des Mechif". "J.J. Harper story"

12. Current projects:

"Tipi Tales" voice and singing voice for Great Grandfather

13. Future projects:


14. Favorite book/author:

 history of the ojibway people/william w. warren

15. Favorite film/TV:

 "The Goodfellows"

16. Favorite actor/actress:

 james wood/ kim cattrell

18. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

 kris kristofferson

19. How did you get into acting?

 bareback riding in Miracle in the Wilderness

20. What kind of film role would you like to have?

 Lead role in an Adventure/ Drama

21. What would be your dream role, and what kind of production would you really like to get produced and be involved in?

 A lead role in a major film

22. Of all the characters you've portrayed, which was your favorite?

 Great Grandfather/ Werewolf

23. Of all the movies/productions you've been in, which is your favorite?

 "Tracey Takes On" series

24. Who is your favorite native actor? Non native actor?

 Wes Studi/ James Coburn

25. Where would you like to be professionally in ten years?

 producing, directing

27. Where would you like to be personally in ten years?

 Producing/ Directing

28. What has had the greatest impact on your life?

 coming back to my culture

31. How would you best like to be remembered?

 as a good role model

32. As fans of Native Americans, what can we do to encourage film makers, producers and casting people to hire more Native Americans in other than Indian roles?

 do more contemporary real life situations

33. Now that you have participated in movie making, does it ruin for you watch movies? I mean since you know how it's done and all?

 more appreciation of movie making

35. Your views on drugs and alcohol.

 they both destroy valuable lives

37. While we're on the subject, how do you feel about fans approaching you in various situations?


38. Many native actors are also singers, musicians or dancers. Do you have a talent in any of these areas?

 singer,guitar,native chanter


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