Suzanne Westerly


NB: Due to a car accident Suzanne is temporarily out of commission.

Suzanne isn't Indian, but she's a regular contributor to this site as well as many magazines.

Webshots album with more than 16 photos

From the FAITA awards February 2002:

Actor Apensanahkwat (Menominee Chief) with actor and FAITA award winner Michael Greyeyes (Cree)

Apensanahkwat (Menominee Chief), Max's date, Steve Reevis (Blackfeet), actor and activist Max Gail, and Macile Reevis

Actress Kateri Walker (Ojibway, Odawa, Potowatomi), past FAITA award winner and a presenter this year with actor, writer, publisher Harrison Lowe (Diné)
FAITA February 2002
Choreographer and dancer Marla Bingham (Wampanoag from Mashpee) received the Award for Technical Achievement, with actor Andrew Roa Actress and talent agent Marjorie Tanin (Pueblo/Kiowa)

From earlier events:

Actor Miko Hughes (Chickasaw) at FAITA 2001

For more stories by Suzanne, check Canku Ota

Suzanne Westerly
(last I heard from her she'd moved from LA, but might be back) 

I tried to get Suzanne to cough up a photo of herself, but so far she's full of excuses. I guess I'll have to challenge the celebrities she's photographing...

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