The Rez

Darrel Dennis at the Dreamspeaker festival

The Rez was a spin off of the movie Dance Me Outside. That movie is still immensely popular. Up there with Smoke Signals! Get aquainted with the cast of the movie and the series:

Adam Beach was Frank in Dance Me Outside and

Darrell Dennis . (Shushwap). Frank on The Rez  Filmography

Herbie Barnes -  Joseph on The Rez, Jesse Threebears in Spirit Rider.
February 2003: Herbie is in TVYs TreeHouse/APTNs "Tipi Tales". It's a show initially targeted at for pre-schoolers but carries some great values we could all use reminders on. The show stars Herbie Barnes as another of the puppeteer/voice actors. He plays Russel 

Jennifer Podemski (Saulteaux)

Ryan Black aka Ryan Rajendra Black. (Ojibway). Silas on The Rez. '
Ryan's TV episode appearances

Shirley Cheechoo (Cree). Ma on The Rez.  playwrightFilmography

Wed, 19 Feb 2003
dear annie

i was told about your website.......i've read my name and i would like to update you on it.......i am an actor, writer, director, producer.........i've acted/produced/wrote/directed the first First Nation Feature in Canada called Bearwalker, i am an awarding winning filmmaker.........many of my films have won several awards.....nominated as best actress recent accomplishment is finishing the Director's Lab at Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre and i am prepping for a short film to be shot on 35mm.......i am an accomplished screenwriter as well........thank you shirley cheechoo 

Tamara Podemski (Saulteaux-Ojibway). Played Little Margaret in Dance Me Outside

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