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Sonny Landham

A word of caution: Sonny got started in the movie business the same way Sylvester Stallone did, only Sonny's movies were way more graphic.  DO NOT buy his earlier movies (as listed by IMDb), you might get an eyeful you'd rather not have.



Interview regarding Young Riders


Sonny Skyhawk

Sonny says:

1. I am the Founder of American Indians in Film and Television, located in Pasadena, Ca., a national advocacy organization that serves to protect and enhance the Image of the American Indian in the mediums of film and television.

2. I am the chairman of Amerind Entertainment Group , an American Indian film and television production company.

3. I am a partner in, a television production company, along with Dan Jones and The Oneida Nation of New York.

(Enrolled member of the Sicangu Lakota Nation). Over 40. Resides and has office in Pasadena, Calif. Appeared in "Geronimo-An American Legend" "Young Guns II" "Siringo" "Young Riders" "Mystic Warrior" "Baghdad Cafe" "Knight Rider" "Little House on the Prairie" "Buffalo Soldiers" "The Quest" "Hawaii Five-o" "Portrait of a young radical" "Posse" "High Chaparral" "Tom Horn" "Magnum P.I." "Petrocelli" "Convoy" "Simon & Simon" "Butch & Sundance"


Jason R Lone Hill

(Oglala Lakota)

Jason has been in Dances With Wolves as Worm and also in Thunderheart. He has traveled to Sweden, Italy, Austria, and Norway on dance/theatrical productions. Jason's sister just e-mailed me with this info. Look for more info later on (maybe on another page - this is NOT one of those permanent pages!)


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