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2000: I just found out Stephanie has stopped publishing AHG. Back issues will be available for a long time, though.

Introduction by Annie:

I first got in touch with Stephanie Ann Gritts a while ago. I had started the NativeCelebs site, and at that time it was probably the only site of its kind on the internet. I though it was too bad there was so little information about native actors and decided to do something about it. Not being native I didn't have a clue apart from what I'd read in magazines (not all that much), and what I'd been told by other fans. She'd started a non-profit newsletter for the same reason I'd started this website. The difference is that Stephanie is part native and had been working with this for a long time. She gave me most of the content I had for a long time. Primarily names of actors and movies. I've gotten permission to use some of her content, but mostly we've had different objectives on how we wanted to do things. I try to get as many names as possible and don't usually go into great depths, while she goes into great depths and has at least one profile of an artist in every issue. She's had profiles of Rodney Grant, Wes Studi (I think) and John Trudell among others.

I also found a listing of back issues on the net. You can also find a snail mail address there. Don't know if Stephanie is still on the net.

Webmaster: My name is Annie. I'm not native, and therefore not an authority on native issues. I do make mistakes, so please correct me and help me make this a better site. NativeCelebs is about Native American Indians in the entertainment industry.
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