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Especially look at the TV-episode list

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Other film lists:


Some changes here. I've split up the film pages into subpages. I guess the TV page is next, it's gotten kind of large.

Here's the breakdown of what each page consists of:

I've changed the film section a little. I've combined the regular movies and TV movies and series. Short films and stuff I don't know about is still on a different page, same with TV-episodes (now THAT page is important!)

TV episodes - with Native actors, according to cast lists found in online episode guides
Buy Videos from - support this site, if you're going to buy from them, link in from NativeCelebs!
Video formats - there are pitfalls to buying videos from other parts of the world.
Crew/Creative - Listing people behind the camera in the broad sense. Very outdated page, I'm afraid...
Goofs and genius - I'm collecting various bits and pieces told by the fans, about likes and dislikes. Recommended reading for actors and producers.

I've decided to put up an online store for Amazon com. That means you can click on the button and order a video. I'll get a 5 % percentage on what you buy when linking from my pages. So far I've only linked to a few movies, but you can search for other movies.

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