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Dance Me Outside   strong NA Star cast. Danish summary with gorgeous photo, summary centered around Gooch, Review Get it at
Dances With Wolves   strong NA IMDb - All star cast!!! Review Get it at
Dark Wind   strong NA Lou Diamond Phillips as Jim Chee Get it at
Dead Innocent     Graham Greene as Detective Mike Salvatore - romantic lead for Genevieve Bujold Get it at
Dead Man 1996 strong NA Official, IMdb. - Gary Farmer as Nobody, Johnny Depp. Synopsis Get it at
Dead Man's Walk 1997 strong NA Eric Schweig as Buffalo Hump. Captures of Eric, IMDb Get it at
Death Hunt 1981   Tantoo Cardinal as Indian Woman, August Schellenberg Get it at
Deep Rising 1998   Wes Studi as Hanover Get it at
Demon Knight aka Demon Keeper 1995   From the Tales from the crypt series. Gary Farmer as Deputy Bob Martel  
Desert Kickboxer       Get it at
Desperado     David Alvarado. Probably stunts? Get it at
Die Hard with a Vengeance 1995   Graham Greene as Joe Lambert Get it at
Doe Boy     Gil Birmingham, Kody Dayish, Cassidy Spring, Gordon Tootoosis, James Duval, Alex Rice and Nathaniel Arcand Showing on Sundance Channel
Doing Life
aka Truth or Die
1986 TV Gary Farmer as First Prisoner  
The Doors 1991   (Wes Studi, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Steve Reevis, Rion Hunter in small parts, with Rodney A. Grant as Patron at Barney's (just 1/2 second from the side) Get it at
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 1993 TV Larry Sellers as Cloud Dancing Get it at
Dudley the Dragon     Graham Greene as Mr. Crabtree  
Dusting Cliff Seven     Floyd Red Crow Westerman  
Ed and His Dead Mother aka Bon Appetit, Mama 1993   Gary Farmer as Big Lar  
The Edge 1997   Gordon Tootoosis as Jack Hawk Get it at
The Education of Little Tree 1997 strong NA Tantoo Cardinal as Granma, and others Get it at
Ernest Goes to Camp 1987   Iron Eyes Cody, Victoria Racimo as Nurse St. Cloud and others. IMDb  


Fargo 1996   Steve Reevis as Shep Proudfoot Get it at
Firestorm 1997   Michael Greyeyes as helicopter pilot summary Get it at
Follow me home 1997   Steve Reevis  
Follow the River   TV. strong NA. Period piece Eric Schweig as Wildcat, Juddson Keith Linn as Deer Following, Jimmie F. Skaggs as Snake Stick. Get it at
For Love and Glory 1993 TV Eric Schweig as Moses Moon  
The Four Directions Series 1996 TV ( CBC) Gordon Tootoosis  
Free Willy 1993   August Schellenberg as Randolph, a Haida indian and one of the main characters Get it at
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 1994   August Schellenberg Get it at
Free Willy 3: The Rescue 1997   August Schellenberg. Movieweb Get it at
F.T.W aka The Last Ride 1994   Rodney A. Grant as Bucky Miller Get it at


General Hospital 1999 TV A. Martinez is joining the cast as Roy DiLucca.  
Geronimo 1995 TV. strong NA. Period piece (TNT)Joseph Runningfox as Geronimo, Nick Ramus, all star cast, summary centered on Juh  
Geronimo: An American Legend 1993 strong NA All star cast lead by Wes, Rodney as Mangas and Steve (Review: AHG July97). IMDb. captures Get it at
Grand Avenue   TV. strong NA  All star cast Get it at
Grayeagle 1977 strong NA Iron Eyes Cody Get it at
The Green Mile 1999   Graham Greene as Arlen Bitterbuck, Jade Herrera as Bitterbuck's Daughter. Official site, Rumours IMDb
Grey Owl 1999   Nathaniel Arcand, Annie Galipeau.  Get it at
Grim Prairie Tales 1990   Steve Reevis  
Gröna gubbar från YR     Swedish movie. Duane Loken as popband manager Randy  
Gunfighter's Moon     Byron Chief Moon Get it at
Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge 1987 TV Tantoo Cardinal as Little Doe  

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