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 Sundance Film Festival

Movies - A (available on Amazon)

The rest:

All the Winters That Have Been 1997 TV Sheila Tousey  
Annie Oakley 1985   Nick Ramus  
The Art of Woo     Adam Beach as Ben Crowchild. Contemporary love story On video in Canada

Movies - B (available on Amazon)

The rest:

Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western 1997 TV (TV) Documentary? with Rodney A. Grant, Irene Bedard.  
Black Fox: The Price of Peace 1995 TV Raoul Trujillo  
Blue City Slammers   1988 Gary Farmer as Doug  
The Brave 1997 strong NA IMdb  
Broken Arrow 1950 strong NA Hollywood actors as Indians?  
The Broken Cord 1993   Michael Spears as Adam  
Brothers of the Frontier   TV TV play. Darrell Dennis  

Movies - C (available on Amazon)

The rest:

Call of the Wild 1993   Gordon Tootoosis co-starring  
Chief Crazy Horse 1955 strong NA whites playing indians  
Cooperstown 1993 TV Graham Greene as Raymond Maracle, Jules Desjarlais.  
Coyote Summer 1996   Adam Beach as Rafe Acuna, Michelle St. John, Gordon Tootoosis.  

I've reffered to AHG a few times. Here are the details on this newsletter. Thanx to Stephanie for some of the early info on this page.

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