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Hawkeye 1994 TV. Period piece TV-series. Rodney A. Grant as Chingachgook and guest stars  
Heat 1995   Wes Studi. More pages: 3, 4 Get it at
Heavy Metal 1981   August Schellenberg Get it at
Henry & Verlin 1994   Gary Farmer as Henry  
The Hero   TV Directed by Gary Farmer. summary  
Higher Ground 1988 TV Gordon Tootoosis.  
Highlander: The Final Dimension 1994   Raol Trujillo  
HotShots 1991   Rino Thunder as Owatonna. Get it at
How the West Was Fun     Ben Cardinal Get it at
How the West was Won 1976-1978 TV. Strong NA. Period piece also called "The Macahans". IMDb - Among others Duane Loken and Ray Tracey. Wondering about Vincent St.Cyr, is he native?  
Huck and the King of Hearts 1994   Graham Greene as Jim  


Incident at Oglala- The Leonard Peltier Story 1992 strong NA IMdb Get it at
The Indian in the Cupboard 1995 strong NA Litefoot as Little Bear Get it at
Indian Runner     Don Shanks has a small role as the Young Indian Runner.  
Iron Will 1994   August Schellenberg Get it at
Jack Bull     Rodney A. Grant Get it at
Joe Dirt  (aka The Adventures of Joe Dirt)     Adam Beach as a geek!  
Keeping the Promise 1997 TV Gordon Tootoosis  
Kidz in the Wood     Byron Chief-Moon as Brandon Three Tongues
Killing Grounds     Rodney A. Grant Get it at
The Killing Jar 1996   Wes Studi? Get it at
Kindergarten Cop     Frankie Avina and Branscombe Richmond Get it at
Kull the conqeror     Litefoot Get it at


Lakota Moon 1992 strong NA Rodney A. Grant as Kills First, Gordon Tootoosis. IMDb  
Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee 1994 TV. Strong NA Many stars: Irene Bedard, Joseph Runningfox, Pato Hoffmann, Lawrence Bayne. cast list Get it at
Last Man Standing     Karina Lombard. Photos  
Last of his Tribe 1992 TV. Strong NA Graham Greene as Ichi (main part), and others. Get it at
Last of the Dogmen 1995 strong NA Steve Reevis as Yellow Wolf, Eugene Blackbear and others. IMDb Get it at
The Last of the Mohicans 1992 strong NA Wes Studi, Eric Schweig, Russel Means and others. Mohicanpress site, Site, IMDb Get it at
The Last Ride aka F.T.W 1994   Rodney A. Grant as Bucky Miller Get it at
The Last Stop     Adam Beach as Jason on DVD
Last Train Home aka Tom Alone 1990 TV Gordon Tootoosis.  
The Legend of Billy Jack   strong NA mostly children  
The Legend of the Lone Ranger 1981   Michael Horse as Tonto Get it at
Legends of the Fall 1994   Karina Lombard as Isabel Two, Gordon Tootoosis as One Stab, Tantoo Cardinal as Pet. Get it at
Legends of the North 1994   Billy Merasty as Miewzki. Esther Mayo, Sharon Thompson, Flint Eagle, Jason Cavalier, Stephanie Lefebvre, Louis Pharand, Jean Frenettie (don't know if all these are "genuine") Get it at


Lightning Field
aka The Lightning Incident
1991 TV Tantoo Cardinal as Vivian  
Lightning Jack 1994   Kamala Dawson as Pilar. Larry Sellers and Patrick Augure as Comanche warriors (very short scene). Get it at
Like Father, Like Son 1987   Larry Sellers Get it at
Lilies 1996   Gary Farmer as Timothee Get it at
Lone Justice aka Ned Blessing: The Story of My Like and Times 1993   Wes Studi as One Horse.  
Lone Justice 2 1995   Wes Studi as One Horse. Get it at
Lone Justice: Showdown at Plum Creek 1996   Wes Studi as One Horse Get it at
Lone Ranger 1956   Jay Silverheels as Tonto  
Lone Ranger: The Lost City of Gold 1958   Jay Silverheels  
Lone Star 1996   Gordon Tootoosis as Wesley Birdsong Get it at
Lonesome Dove 1994 TV. Period piece Many actors including Graham Greene and Adam Beach. Lonesome Dove: The Series Episode Guide Get it at
Lord of Illusions
aka Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions
1995   Sheila Tousey as Jennifer Desiderio  
Lost Child (aka Looking for Lost Bird)     Irene Bedard, Petur Redbird, Tantoo Cardinal, Michael Greyeyes, Kimberly Norris, Nashoba Simmons, Jennifer Podemski and Alan Tafoya.
Lost in the Barrens   TV Graham Greene as Mewasin, Adam Beach, Evan Adams as Awasis  
Lost in the Barrens II: The Curse of the Viking Grave 1991 TV Gordon Tootoosis as Mewasin, Evan Adams as Awasis  
Loyalties 1986   Tantoo Cardinal as Rosanne Ladouceur  

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