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Quotes from the NativeCelebs list:


Quotes from the NativeCelebs list:


Speaking of distractions, I watched Tecumseh recently....and it bothered me to hear Tecumseh speaking with a thick Tex-Mex accent. Lost all the power behind the words because is was just so ... absurd.

On North of 60:

One thing I like about this show is the attention to detail. For instance, if two characters are inside a building, talking, you still hear things going on outside, as if it is a real town, things like planes taking off, snowmobiles, chain saws, etc.


Some of the most regrettable wigs in recent history were in several of the finest and most memorable films in recent history. Adam Beach in Smoke Signals. Gordon Tootoosis in the fine CBC miniseries "Big Bear". And Michael Greyeyes in the same film, at the end <sensored because of spoiler> that white-haired wig takes the cake as the worst I have seen ever, hands down. Poor Greyeys deserved something better from the wardrobe/makeup department!

One of the annoying things about Powwow Highway was the very obvious wig that Gary Farmer wore. I noticed in Smoke Signals his wig was lots better.

In Smoke Signals, remember the part when Victor (played by AB) <spoiler, sensored> cut his hair? Anyway, did anyone else find the wig AB wore for the rest of the movie distracting?

I watched the wig instead of paying attention to what was going on.

The first time i watched Smoke Signals the wig bothered me too. It does kinda get in his way, but if you concentrate on the georgous face, you don't notice it so much.

I remember really hating that wig Adam wore in Smoke Signals. It looked like he had his long hair put up on top of his head and then just plopped the wig on, then pulled it to far forward on his head!!!

LOL me too! I told my husband while we were watching it that I just wanted to jerk that sucker off of his forehead! That really was a terrible wig but I will definitely put up with the bad wigs if it means these guys will quit cutting their hair!

About the wigs . . . I don't like wigs either, but if the young NA actors keep their hair long they won't get to play any parts in "mainstream" movies. Maybe that's why they cut their hair, they hope to get parts in all types of movies. Personally, I love long, dark hair on men, but Wes did look good bald in StreetFighter and with very short hair in Heat. However, in Crazy Horse, his wig was a bit much!!!

I am all for the wigs too, if it stops the haircuts!

The witty comments on wigs keep coming, and somehow I can't resist putting them up here... (usually from the NativeCelebs list):

It does not look natural. I hate these wigs with a passion. Somehow the old movies with the white guys wearing them to portray Indians don't bother me as much. On our Native American actors, it just "wigs me out".

Thunderheart and other movies:

Annie: I really liked it when Ted Thin Elk's character outsmarted Val Kilmer's and ended up with the Ray Bans. A high for me is when the "white guy" is made the laughing stock for believing Indians are simple nature people (guess we can thank %&/# new age for that!). BTW, Indians have really taken to the internet, it's the perfect medium, for that reason alone a lot of Indians are really good at computers. Also some memorable moments in the bus in Smoke Signals.

Walker, Texas Ranger

Sandy Sunderland (on the NativeCelebs list):

In one of the early Walker episodes, the show opens with Walker about to race several Indian men on horseback. Walker and several older men are all dressed in their boots, jeans, shirts and jackets so there must be a chill in the air. Suddenly Walker's competitors all show up; barechested, dressed in "fringed" pants (not leggings, but pants) and some have breechclouts over the pants. They are also wearing moccasins. This is all taking place in the 1990s. Some dimwit apparently decided that the audience wouldn't believe these were Indians if they weren't dressed like this. Last year I spent four days at Pine Ridge and this year 3 at the Navajo Reservation. I have spent time at Iroquois reservations and communities as well as numerous Pueblos. I have never seen an Indian dressed like this. I have never seen them dressed in the pseudo-indian garb usually shown on Walker's native charaters. Indians wear street clothes; jeans, t-shirts, suits, shoes, sweaters etc. They are not routinely running around half naked, and feathers are very rarely worn. I very rarely meet an Indian man wearing an earring unless he is dancing at a powwow. Every child who watched that Walker episode came away with the wrong impression. Is it any wonder that people are still asking Indians what its like to live in a tipi?

An old Hawkeye episode shows Chingachgook (Rodney Grant) standing at a site of numerous Plains style "burial" platforms. (How's that for an oxymoron?) The Delaware/Mohican peoples interred their dead. They would place them on platforms or in trees only for a short time while the ground might be frozen.


Webmaster: My name is Annie. I'm not native, and therefore not an authority on native issues. I do make mistakes, so please correct me and help me make this a better site. NativeCelebs is about Native American Indians in the entertainment industry.
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