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Samurai Cowboy     Byron Chief Moon  
Santee 1973   Jay Silverheels  
The Scarlet Letter 1995   Eric Schweig as Metacomet, Sheldon Peters Wolfchild as Moskeegee, Kateri Walker as Female Sachem, several others Get it at
Seems Like Old Times 1980   Joseph Runningfox Get it at
Shadow of the Wolf 1993   (Eskimo film) - Lou Diamond Phillips, Raol Trujillo  
Shadowhunter 1993 strong NA IMDb. Ariztlan Review, Benjamin Bratt, Robert Beltran, Tim Sampson. Review  
Shanghai Noon     Simon Baker, Juddson Keith Linn, Brandon Merrill, Cliff Solomon and Russell Badger.  
The Siege at Ruby Ridge   TV CBS minseries - Darren E. Burrows  
Silence 1997   Tantoo Cardinal as Dolores  
Silent Tongue 1993   Sheila Tousey as Awbonnie/Ghost. Tantoo Cardinal as Silent Tongue. Page  
Sioux City 1994 strong NA IMdb. Lou Diamond Phillips, Salli Richardson. Tantoo Cardinal, Gary Farmer  
Skins     Graham Greene, Eric Schweig and lots of others Coming on DVD in March 2003
Skinwalkers 2002   Wes Studi, Adam Beach and many others Out on video
Slaughter of the Innocents 1994   Sheila Tousey as Agent Lemar  
Smoke Signals   strong NA See page on NativeCelebs with more info Get it at
Son of the Morning Star 1991 TV. Strong NA. Period piece Rodney A. Grant as Crazy Horse. Originally two part TV special. Major role. Many others. Get it at
Son of Paleface 1952   Iron Eyes Cody  
The Song of Hiawatha 1996 strong NA (Review AHG July97). All star cast. IMDb Get it at


Sparkler 1998   Sheila Tousey as Hurricane  
Sparks: The Price of Passion 1990 TV Gary Farmer as Pete  
Spirit Bay   TV (CBC-TV) (need info on this series).  
Spirit Rider 1993 TV. Strong NA (CBC) - Herbie Barnes, Adam Beach, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal, George Tootoosis, Michelle St John and Tom Jackson Get it at
Squanto, a Warriors Tale   strong NA Adam Beach, Eric Schweig, Irene Bedard and many others. IMDb Get it at
The Staircase 1998   Rodney A. Grant (less than 5 minutes screen time).  
Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home     Nick Ramus as USS Saratoga Helmsman  
Still Life
aka Art Killer Framed (1988)
... aka Still Life: The Fine Art of Murder
1988   Gary Farmer as Billy  
Stolen Heart 1998   Gary Farmer as Agent Whitaker  
Stolen Women, Captured Hearts   TV Michael Greyeyes, William Lightning, Apsanahkwat, Kateri Walker, Rodney A. Grant. summary  
Stone Fox 1987 TV Gordon Tootoosis.  
Det Store Flip 1997   The title sounds Danish to me? Irene Bedard as Oglala  
Street Fighter 1994   Wes Studi as Viktor Sagat, Gregg Rainwater in big part. Get it at
Streets of Laredo (Larry McMurtry's) 1995 TV. Period piece Wes Studi as Famous Shoes. Get it at
The Substitute     Rodney A. Grant as Johnny Glades. Violent movie Get it at
Sunchaser     Victor Aaron as Webster Skyhorse, Talisa Soto as Navajo Woman - young beautiful, hispanic?, Brian K. Francis as Navajo Boy Get it at
Super Chief: Life and Legacy of Earl Warren 1989 documentary Claims of corruption on an Indian reservation in Minnesota against a long standing chairman  


Tecumseh. The Last Warrior 95/96 TV cast list TNT-original Get it at
Thunderheart 1992 strong NA Graham Greene as Walter Crow Horse, Sheila Tousey as Maggie Eagle Bear, and many others. Great siteIMDb , Review by Ariztlan Get it at
Tom and Huck     Eric Schweig as bad guy Injun Joe. Get it at
True Heart 1997   August Schellenberg Get it at
True Women 1997 TV Michael Greyeyes as Tarantula, Irene Bedard. summary Get it at
Twins 1988   Steve Reevis  
Two For Texas   TV. Period piece (TNT) with Irene Bedard as Sana, Rodney Grant as Iron Jacket, Stunts: David Alvarado. Page Get it at
The Undergrads 1985 TV Gary Farmer as Castro  
Unforgiven 1992   Ben Cardinal Get it at
Vanishing Point 1997 TV Rodney Grant in cameo role. IMDb  


Wagons East 1994   Rodney A. Grant, Russel Means, Billy Daydodge and Stuart Grant. Says Carol: "If you want to see him (Rodney A. Grant) do comedy, this is the one! The part is short, but very funny." Get it at
War Party 1989 strong NA Rodney A. Grant, Billy Wirth. IMDb  
Warrior Spirit 1994   Allan Musy as Wabi, Jimmy Herman as Mukoki, Jessica Welch as Minnetaki, Byron Chief Moon as Woonga Get it at
Wayne's World 2 1993   Larry Sellers Get it at
Westward Ho     Iron Eyes Cody as Many Stars  
What Love Sees     August Schellenberg  
Where the Rivers Flow North 1993   Tantoo Cardinal as Bangor  
White Fang 2   strong NA Most of the actors seem to be Hawaiians depecting Haidas. Strange! Possible exception for Charmaine Craig? Get it at
Wild Bill 1995   Pato Hoffman, Steve Reevis, Juddson Keith Linn. Official site Get it at
Wild Wild West     Rodney A. Grant (out yet?)  
White Shadow     Iron Eyes Cody  
Wind Walker 1980   Nick Ramus as Smiling Wolf/Crow Brother.  
Windtalkers 2002   Adam Beach, Roger Willie and others. War movie Out on DVD in most of the world
Windrunner 1994   Russel Means  
Wolfen 1981   Rino Thunder Get it at
The Wolves 1995   Ben Cardinal Get it at
XXXs and OOOs     Ray Sergeant.  
The Young Riders   TV. Period piece Gregg Rainwater as Buck  

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