Episodes featuring Native actors on TV series

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Search for TV series with Indians

You can search for parts of the name of a TV series. But you can't search for actor names. If you want to see what an actor has done, search for him/her on TVTome instead.

There are a few tricks to using this database. If there's a TV series running on your local TV station, check if the database here contains any appearances by Native American actors. Once you've found some episodes worth getting on tape, turn to TVTome and search for the series. Then click on Episode List. Search that page for the titles of the episodes you're interested in. Check what episode your TV station is currently airing by watching the show, or checking TV guides or Text-TV - whatever works for you. Then mark your calendar for taping - but watch out for sports events and other things that skew the schedule. Also watch out for TV stations that don't air episodes in the right order.

Oh, and please don't forget to add to this database as well! Submissions should be in this form:

Series; Episode; Actor: Part; Year

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