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Magic in the Water 1995   Ben Cardinal Get it at
Mama's Boys     Graham Greene  
A Man Named Horse        
Marie Ann
aka Marie-Anne
1978   Tantoo Cardinal as Tantou, Indian princess  
Maverick 1994   Graham Greene as Joseph - great fun! Get it at
Medicine River 1992 strong NA (Canadian Production): Graham Greene, Tom Jackson, Sheila Tousey, Jimmy Herman, Dakota House (Review: AHG July97) Get it at
The Minion     Michael Greyeyes as Grey.  
Miracle in the Wilderness 1992 strong NA Steve Reevis and others Get it at
Moonshine Highway 1996 TV Gary Farmer as Hooch Wilson  
Mustard Bath 1993   Tantoo Cardinal as Sister Amantha  
My Indian Summer   TV Adam Beach  
Mystery Alaska     Adam Beach as Galin Winetka. Upcoming movies  
Mystery Men 1999   Wes Studi as the Sphinx! Looks like a collection of cartoon heros? IMDb Get it at
The Mystic Warrior 1984 TV many stars.  


Natural Born Killers 1994   Russel Means  
Naturally Native   strong NA Pato Hoffmann as Steve Bighawk, Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Chairman Pico, Valerie Red-Horse as Vickie Lewis Bighawk, Irene Bedard as Tanya Lewis. IMDb Available from their website
Navajo Blues 1996   Irene Bedard as Audrey, Michael Horse Get it at
New Day - New Horizon 1982   Tantoo Cardinal  
Nobody's Girls 1995   Tantoo Cardinal  
North 1994   Graham Greene II, Billy Daydodge  
North of 60   TV.Strong NA A "soap" featuring a reserve in northern Canada, with real people and real problems. Popular throughout the Canadian Indian population and far outside that culture, simply because it's a good show.
There are lots of fine native actors on that show: Gordon Tootoosis, Tom Jackson, Michael Horse, Tina Keeper, Dakota House, Mervin Good Eagle (who just died, tragically), Louise Bomberry, and many others.
Northern Exposure   TV. Strong NA TV-series syndicated around the world. Elaine Miles, Photos. The Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure  
Northwood 1991 TV? Darrell Dennis.  
On Deadly Ground     Ariztlan review  
One Riot, One Ranger 1993   Floyd Red Crow Westerman  
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 1985 TV Gary Farmer as Tooby  


The Pathfinder 1994   Graham Greene as Chingachgook, Russell Means as Arrowhead Get it at
Pocahontas 1995 strong NA Animated. Irene Bedard - voice of Pocahontas. Unofficial homepage Movieweb IMDb. Get it at
Pocahontas: The Legend 1995 strong NA Billy Merasty, Gordon Tootoosis.  
Pocahontas II   strong NA (animated). Irene Bedard - voice of Pocahontas Get it at
Police Academy 1984   Gary Farmer as Sidewalk Store Owner  
Pontiac Moon 1994   Eric Schweig as Ernest Ironplume Get it at
Porky's II: The Next Day 1983   Joseph Runningfox as John Henry Get it at
Posse 1993   Steve Reevis as Two Bears  
Powwow Highway 1989 strong NA IMdb. - Wes Studi, Graham Greene, Gary Farmer. (about Rodney A. Grant: Says Carol: "He was the brave on horseback seen behind the credits. Once the opening credits vanished, so did he.") Get it at
The Quick and the Dead 1987 TV Larry Sellers, Jonothon Gill Get it at


Rain Without Thunder 1992   Graham Greene as Author of History  
Ravenhawk     Rachel McLish  
Ravenous 1999   Sheila Tousey as Martha, Joseph Running Fox as George. Rated R for considerable gore and strong violence. Drama/Horror. Get it at
Red Mountain 1951   Iron Eyes Cody  
Reindeer Games     Small non-speaking roles for Gordon Tootoosis and Jerry Herman  
Renegades 1989   Gary Farmer as George  
Return to Lonesome Dove 1993 TV. Period piece Larry McMurtry's Get it at
Revolution 1985   Graham Greene as Ongwata, Joseph Runningfox, Larry Sellers Get it at
The Rez   TV. Strong NA. TV-series with young, hip actors. Sadly not produced anymore  
River Wild 1994   Benjamin Bratt  
Roanoak   TV Joseph Runningfox, Will Sampson  
Rough Riders   TV Michael Greyeyes as Delchaney and more. summary  
Rude     Michael Greyeyes as Spirit Dancer  
Rugged Gold 1994 TV Graham Greene as Samuel Smith.  
Running Brave 1983 strong NA Graham Greene as Eddie, Tantoo Cardinal as Caroline. About Natives today. Get it at

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