Juddson Keith Linn

aka Juddson Linn aka Judd Linn

Robbie Dunn and Juddson Keith Linn at the First Americans in Arts in February 1998. Juddson won the award in front for Best Stuntman that year. 

Both photos Rachael Sadheart Waller

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Photos - somewhere on the FAITA site

Contact for Judd: SADHEARTFILMZ@aol.com 

Annie - January 2001: I met Judd briefly. That guy has a smile permanently attached to his face, it seems. No wonder, if you've got a smile like that... As far as I could tell he looked exactly the same as he did in the Sundance calendar photos.

Oh, I just heard (January 17th 2001). Judd cut his hair! Army style, because he's working on Windtalkers. Judd seems to grow the hair back after he's cut it for a part, so let's hope he'll be able to keep it long for a while next time, huh? When I met him he still had long hair in a pony tail, so it was quite a shock to hear he'd chopped it all off!

This is from Judd himself (thanks to Rachael for running interference!):

"I got my start in Euro Disney's Wild West Show(Paris) from there I got into movies starting with "Tom & Huck" as a double for Eric. Then as an extra on Last of the Mohicans which is where I met Eric Schweig and Shirley Crumley (extra's casting/supporting roles). I then went to work with Eric soon after in "Follow The River" in the role as Deer Following. Since then I have been working on different shows which you can check out on my resume. I got into the business for the experience. It then turned in to a real job with great hours! When I am not working I enjoy going to pow wow's and Indian rodeo's. I am currently working on a film festival to take place in Yakima Washington to coincide with "Treaty days-pow wow and rodeo" that runs the first week in June. There is a memorial steer wrestling event that is in honor of my dad Ron Luke. So the film festival would just add to the already great celebration. If anyone is interested in sending in films for the fest I will keep Annie updated on judging info and so on. Thanks for the interest in my work! GO SEE SHANGHAI NOON!!!!!!

Work I have done From the most recent:

Films in the past not in order:

  IMDb Filmography, TVtome (there's a forum there)

All the Pretty Horses

Matthew E. Montoya and Juddson Keith Linn Set just after WWII, two Texas cowboys look for love and adventure south of the border. December 25, 2000

Shanghai Noon

Simon Baker, Juddson Keith Linn, Brandon Merrill, Cliff Solomon and Russell Badger. Jackie Chan Action/Comedy taking place in the wild, wild west. May 2000, On DVD/Video in October 2000.


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