Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals

Adam Beach, Irene Bedard and Evan Adams from the Smoke Signals poster.

Author: Sherman Alexie

Adam Beach.... Victor Joseph
Evan Adams.... Thomas Builds-the-Fire
Irene Bedard.... Suzy Song
Gary Farmer.... Arnold Joseph
Tantoo Cardinal.... Arlene Joseph
Cody Lightning.... Young Victor Joseph
Simon Baker (I).... Young Thomas Builds-the-Fire
Michelle St. John.... Velma
Robert Miano.... Burt
Molly Cheek.... Penny
Monique Mojica.... Grandma Builds-the-Fire
Elaine Miles.... Lucy
Michael Greyeyes.... Junior Polatkin
Chief Leonard George.... Lester Fallsapart
John Trudell.... Randy Peone
Darwin Haine.... Boo


working title: This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona.

Evan Tlesla Adams. . Starring in "Smoke Signals". 

A friend of his told us this: He was wearing fake teeth in this role, to give him a-symetrical not so perfect grin and larger more prominant teeth. Evan's real teeth are perfect. He is definitely not a geek. He is very handsome, has worked very hard to get rid of his reservation Canadian accent

Evan is in Med School, and combines that with acting. A fantasy of his fans is to see him in ER - as a doctor, of course!

Also see the Film page for links to Smoke Signals pages. 

Evan cut his hair really short a few months ago :-( , but is planning on growing it back "in a year"...

Gary Farmer


Public speaking: The David Lavin Agency

Contact info:
Aboriginal Voices
p.o. box 288, station B,
Toronto, ON, M6G 2K1
USA: Belle Zwerdling at Progressive Artists
216-400 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 553-8561
fax: (310) 553-4726
Canada: Celia Chassels at Gary Goddard and Associates
10 St. Mary St., Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4Y 1P9
(416) 928-3056


Irene Bedard - the voice of Pocahontas. (Inupiat Eskimo and Cree). 

Sherman Alexie

Author, screenwriter. His books are very popular among Indians. Lots of Indian humor in many of them, although I had to abandon Indian Killer halfway through - too dark.

Search for his books on

His new book is entitled:

The Toughest Indian in the World : Stories

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