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Jimmy Herman, Josie Auger-Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis at the Dreamspeaker festival

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Byron Chief Moon

(Blood) The IMDb has two separate accounts of him. Filmography

Byron's website has been delayed, so I'll put his agent info here and an old photo.

Deb & Russ Mortenson
(604) 688-4077
FAX (604) 688-4076 

Dakota House (Cree) Teevee Tenia on North of 60. 

    Agent: Darryl Mork

Gordon Tootoosis (Cree/Stoney) Albert Golo on North of 60. Middle aged. Growing his gorgeous hair back soon, I hope! Willene Tootoosis is his niece, I believe..?

Jimmy Herman . (Dene - Chipewyan branch). Joe Gomba on North of 60. Elder type.

Mervin Good Eagle. A young actor on North of 60 who recently passed on. Filmography Actor, traditional native dancer and singer. Born April 16, 1977 in Calgary; died by suicide Oct. 23 in Sandy Bay, Sask., aged 19.
There was a tribute page for Mervin at the old North of 60 site, but it's gone too. A bio about his life and some comments from the cast. I don't dare put up the whole document, but I'll summarize a little: He was adopted by his aunt and uncle, and was encouraged to grow his hair long and do traditional dance. He always had a smile on his face. Even the last few days he seemed totally at ease. It was a complete shock to the cast when he hung himself. Apparently there were secrets that weighed heavy on him, possibly also jealousy from his circle.

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