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Michael Horse and his wife. Photo by Kathy Williams. FAITA awards February 2002

Michael Horse. (yaqui-mescalero and apache-zuni -  Arizona). Born 1951? I've been contacted by some fans who feel that there is too little info on Michael on the net. Despite the fact that there's a webpage for him with lots of articles. They want to organize something more. They haven't figured out how to do it - maybe they could take out a guestbook and link it here? Let me know if you want to organize something.

Living in North Hollywood, he is Artist in Residence at the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Obey Nathan Golo on North of 60. 

Michael Obey is a Lakota/Cree from Sakatchewan. Received his first acting lesson from a veteran Hollywood actor on sabbatical in Sakatchewan in 1975. Using this knowledge was able to obtain work in various dinner theaters in the late 1980's, before ending up on the "North of 60". television series as Albert Golo's son "Nathan". He followed this up with appearances in "Big Bear". the mini-series and the lead on "The River and the Highway." country music video for artist Pam Tillis. Currently, owner/operator of "Thunderplains Film Projects" (subsiduary of The Broken Treaty Tribal Entertainment Corporation of North America.) in Sakatchewan, Canada.

Nathaniel Arcand. William MacNeil on North of 60.

Peter Kelly Gadreult (Huron and Miskika). From North of 60.

Selina Hanuse. Hannah, Michelle's daughter on North of 60. Filmography . Selina died after being struck by a car January 2000. She will be missed by many. TVtome

Buffalo Child and Tina Keeper on the set of North of 60.

From Buffalo Child's private collection

Tina Keeper (Cree) Michelle Kenidi on North of 60. 

Tom Jackson  The chief on North of 60 and a singer. Metis with Cree mother and English father.

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