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Jeri Arredondo

from Silent Tongue as Velada McCree

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Jill Scott Momaday

from the movie Silent Tongue

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I got the photo from Movieweb, and there's a bigger version on that page along with other stills from the movie.

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Brandon Merrill

Falling Leaves in Shanghai Noon

I heard recently from a friend of Brandon that she is indeed Native American. I have heard info on her tribal background, but I've only heard it in bits and pieces. So I'll wait until I have the full story.

Origin of info: She  was born in Colorado and raised on a ranch in Wyoming. She first gained national exposure when she was featured in an article about the Cheyenne Rodeo for W Magazine. She was subsequently signed by DNA Models and appeared in print ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, The Limited and in such publications as Vogue and the Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue, among many others.

A renowned rodeo champion, Ms. Merrill makes 
her feature film acting debut in "Shanghai Noon."

Disclaimer: For some of these actors there are no photos available on the web. In an effort to get the attention of people associated with these actors, I'm displaying close up captures of these actors (depending on availability). I don't like using captures, and as soon as I get legal photos to display of these actors the captures are gone. In other words, give me an excuse to take these captures down. I've seen that a presence on the web has a big effect in getting exposure and more fans for an actor, so this is important.

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