Edge Of America

Made for TV movie directed by Chris Eyre.

This movie will have it's "world premiere" at Sundance January 2003.
At least some of the actors will be there, so if you're in Salt Lake City January 16, make sure you get tickets ahead of time!

About a female Basket ball team on the Navajo rez.

It's currently airing on Hallmark in most of the world, except North America. Check your country's schedule for "On The Edge".

These were the core players.

Check Misty Upham's site for more photos from the movie.

I put up a guestbook for the actors on this movie (since there were so many "new" actors). Also check TVtome if you want to discuss the movie in more depth (requires a user name)

Finally some more pages for the movie are coming along:

Cast list (transcribed rolling end credits):

Kenny Williams - James McDaniel (not NA)
Annie Shorty - Irene Bedard (Yahoo message board)
Carla McKinney - Delanna Studi
Shirleen - Misty Upham
Franklin - Eddie Spears
Dwayne - Cody Lightning
Mother Tsosie - Geraldine Keams
Homer Horton - Michael Flynn (not NA)
Francie - Fraya Aspaas-Montoya
Alvina "Baby" Tsosie - Trini King
Marissa - Deanna Allison
Leroy McKinney - Tim Daly (not NA)
Cuch - Wes Studi
Stellar Dodge - Reb Flemming (not NA)
Jasper - Lyle Bahazhoni
Henrietta - Rose Ann Abrahamson
Dawn - Jacinda Willeto
Dr Toomey - Steve Burleigh
Old Indian Man #1 - Roy J. Cohoe
Raylene - Kelly Ray Vallo (and see photo on this page)
Norville Newell - Charles Gruber (not NA)
Lanel Newell - Candice Miller (not NA)
Red - Jesse Harward
Leonard - Roger Willie (Yahoo message board)
Ref - Kent King (not NA)
Bryce McKay - Dave Fox
Referee/Dale - Chris Jensen
N. Ogden High Coach - Don Re Sampson
Annie's Nephew - Brayden McCurdy

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