Karina Lombard

[The following is reprinted in part from ICE, Summer 1996, Vol. 4, No. 3, $4.00, pg. 6,7.]
* In [Karina’s] first 3 major film jobs, she’s worked alongside Tom Cruise (The Firm), Brad Pitt (Legends of the Fall) and Bruce Willis (Last Man Standing)..."I don’t believe in luck...I think that the decisions you make structure your life...and those choices make things happen or not happen." * Lombard, [is] a Lakota /Russian/Swiss born actress...She was discovered in a restaurant by renowned world photographer Bruce Weber. He was working on a Native American Calvin Klein Campaign, searching for a new face..." One of the cover shots I did ended up on a billboard...
* A director of the first film I did (L’isle) was looking for a girl who was half-Tahitian and half-English. They flew me to Paris for a screen test and I got the part." ... [She] studied acting at the Actor’s Studio in New York City. Her American debut was a tiny part in Oliver Stone’s THE DOORS. It...land[ed] her the lead in the sensual romantic drama WIDE SARGASSO SEA. Then came THE FIRM. «My agent called and told me that I had the chance to take this small part of this prostitute and make her really great...She could have easily been a low character, the clichéd prostitute. I read it and felt I could portray a woman like that and have the audience care about her. To get people to understand why she had to do what she did. It turned out that her brother was sick in the hospital and she had to get the money and fast...That’s what I do whenever I take on a new character--to find that noble part no matter how low they’ve gone.
* I do take my character's seriously." In...LAST MAN STANDING, she stars with Willis, Bruce Dern and Christopher Walken, portraying a native woman held captive in a world of gangs, violence and greed. Lombard’s character, named Felina, is caught in the middle and held captive by the mob..." If you look at her on a spiritual level, she’s the only pure soul. Sort of a holy woman in a very dark world. Her strength comes from her faith...She’s very spiritual more so than just being religious. There’s something about her that captivates everyone in the movie. I wrote one prayer in Spanish and pitched it to Walter (Hill) and told him it would be great to have my character praying when Bruce (Willis) comes to help her. I think it’s important for audiences to see how deep her faith is. He liked the idea and put it in the film...All these characters are obsessed with her because she’s so pure and has a beautiful light about her...She had a history and a culture...Those changes gave the film a very different dimension." ...Karina’s maternal Lakota grandparents left the Lakota reservation and abandoned their native rights. They eventually moved to Tahiti where her mother was born. When she was young she left Tahiti with her father and brothers and sisters. She never really knew her mother and it’s unclear how and why the separation took place...»I grew up in Europe away from my mother and away from the culture...She was basically put away from us...We couldn't really talk about her. So I was never really educated about my native culture... Even if I tried to reject part of me--which could have been really easy because my family really discouraged anything that had to do with my mother--I couldn’t, because the heritage is inside of me and I feel quite connected to it. While I was in New York, I remember meeting an Indian elder who told me that I will always be who I am and that I have returned to my roots...Medicine people come up to me and talk to me and say that it’s very important that I listen to that part of me and stay faithful to that part of me.
* So I’ve tried the best I can to respect that...Since I’ve been working, I’ve always made sure that Native Americans be represented in the best and most truthful light possible."

This info was provided by Stephanie Ann Gritts (material from her newsletter AHG).

Looks like she may be represented by WMA.

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