Lakota Woman

I've put captures of the less well published faces from this movie here. You'll have to look elsewhere for photos of Irene Bedard and Pato Hoffmann etc.

Angel McFarland as Barbara
  Virginia Mercando as young Barbara Dawn Lavand as young Mary Richard Swallow as Webster Kathy Burnette as Annie May
Dawn Little Sky as Grandma Moore Melanie Two Eagle as Charlene Owen LaBeau as Buddy Lamount Richard Whitman as Carter Camp Scott Means as John Standing

There's also a cast list for Lakota Woman on this site

More photos from the movie at Pato Hoffmann's site

Disclaimer: For some of these actors there are no photos available on the web. In an effort to get the attention of people associated with these actors, I'm displaying close up captures of these actors (depending on availability). I don't like using captures, and as soon as I get legal photos to display of these actors the captures are gone. In other words, give me an excuse to take these captures down. I've seen that a presence on the web has a big effect in getting exposure and more fans for an actor, so this is important.

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