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Calendar for adding and viewing programs featuring Native American actors:

Use another of these links if the first one doesn't work (the servers tend to overload frequently). Each link goes to the SAME calendar, only served by a different machine:

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From the help files at

To add an event or to edit an existing event, just click on the date

(Annie: Include in this order: Time, title, NA actors, station)

Editing or Deleting Events

You can edit or delete any event you have authority over. Click on a date or on Daiily, Duration, or Periodic at the bottom of the calendar. You will then see a list of existing events for the day chosen or for the duration or periodic events that affect the current month If the duration or periodic event you want to edit does not show up, navigate to the correct month using the menu at the top.

Click Edit next to the event you want to Edit, and the event details will appear. Make your changes and be sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the frame.

You don't actually need to hit SUBMIT. Anything you have entered in the form is automatically saved, if you click on View Calendar or any of the other hyperlinks (except the links that go to the previous month or next month).

Hitting RESET at the bottom of the form will remove any changes you have made. Hitting CANCEL returns you to the Event List, without making changes to the event you were editing. Hitting DELETE deletes the event you were editing, as does clicking on the scissors next to the event in the Event List.

New Feature: If you edit an existing event and then click the Copy Event box before saving it, the newly edited event will be created, but the old event will not be deleted. This is a fast way to make several similar events to occur on different days, particularly if the days are irregular and cannot easily be tracked with a periodic or duration event. For example, you could create one event, save it, and then edit it (with the Copy Event box checked) to change only its date. You can do this as many times as you need to create the "same" event on various days.

Webmaster: My name is Annie. I'm not native, and therefore not an authority on native issues. I do make mistakes, so please correct me and help me make this a better site. NativeCelebs is about Native American Indians in the entertainment industry.
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