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Disclaimer: This directory can not be used as proof that an actor truly is Indian by blood.


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These are new names that haven't made it into my lists yet. I know little or nothing about these, so help would be appreciated if you know something about these. Some names arrived in the mail from fans and friends, and some from productions I've seen or others have seen (credits at the end of the film for instance). Lately I've gotten a lot of help from cast lists found at as well.

Right now I've started researching some of the names on the net, and when I get some info on them I'll put them in the regular lists. Usually I'll keep people here (from now on) when I have little info on them, or haven't had a chance to research them.

Actors I wonder about. Don't have enough info to move them to the main category yet. I need to know if they did only one part (in some cases), or if they do principal roles or extra work etc:


Dawn Jackson, Found her photos at FAITA. Don't know for sure that she is an actor. Help me out?
Ina Reymundo. I just got the name, nothing else, on the add actor page...

About these movies: I don't know if the actors I listed here really are Natives or if they're "Hollywood Indians":

from 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) Get it at
Jeff Cadiente ...Indian - usually not indian parts
Nickolas G. Romus ...Chief Roundcreek

From "Spirit of the Eagle" Get it at
Trever Yarrish ...Little Eli
Priscilla Bettles ...Medicine Woman
Reed David ...Medicine Man
Suzette L. Canonizado ...Indian Woman

The Indian Runner (1991) Get it at
Kenny Stabler ...Indian Runner

from Sunchaser (1996) Get it at
Brian K. Francis ...Navajo Boy

Thanks to Arnfin for this list:

Actor Was in:
Chief Tug Smith "Windwalker"
Marvin Takes Horse "Windwalker"
Harold Goss Coyote "Windwalker"
McKee Red Wing "Three Warriors"
Lefty Wild Eagle "Sacred Ground"
Sacheen Littlefeather "Winterhawk"
Gerald Red Elk "Walks Far Woman"
Chief Yowlachie Winchester 73
Lloyd One Star "Man Called Horse"
Justin Thin Elk "Man Called Horse"
Lawrence Old Cross "Man Called Horse"
Ardene Turning Bear "Man Called Horse"
Aloysius Eagleman "Man Called Horse"
Ross Kills Enemy "Man Called Horse"
Ben Black Bear "Man Called Horse"
Richard Fool's Bull "Man Called Horse"
Bruce Pretty Bird "Man Called Horse"
Jackson Tail "Man Called Horse"
Manuel Padilla Jr "Man Called Horse"
Leaping Buck Lloyd One Star "Man Called Horse"
James Never Miss a Shot "Man Called Horse"
Jack Tin Horn "The Searchers"
Harry Black Horse "The Searchers"
Away Luna "The Searchers"
Bob Many Mules "The Searchers"
Smile White Sheep "The Searchers"
Many Mules Son "The Searchers"
Percy Shooting Star "The Searchers"
Chief Thundercloud "The Searchers"
Billy Yellow "The Searchers"
John War Eagle "They Rode West"

These often play indians in movies. Look like indians, but we don't know if they're the real thing. Also a list from Arnfin:

Frank de Kova Jorge Russek

These are in many movies. Often play indians: Frank de Kova Joacquin Martinez (ikke A.Mart...) Jorge Russek Jorge Rivera 

WINCHESTER 73 Chief Yowlachie

"MAN CALLED HORSE" Lloyd One Star Justin Thin Elk Lawrence Old Cross Ardene Turning Bear Aloysius Eagleman Ross Kills Enemy Ben Black Bear Richard Fool's Bull Bruce Pretty Bird Jackson Tail Manuel Padilla Jr Leaping Buck Lloyd One Star James Never Miss a Shot (with Eddie Little Sky Iron Eyes Cody)

"the SEARCHERS" Jack Tin Horn. Harry Black Horse Away Luna Bob Many Mules Smile White Sheep Many Mules Son Percy Shooting Star Chief Thundercloud Billy Yellow

"BLACK ROBE" Billy Two Rivers

"THEY RODE WEST" (og flere andre eldre filmer) John War Eagle ------------------------------------------

I watched Lakota Woman, and jotted down most of the cast list. Don't know if everybody on it are native. Let me know, eh?

Co-starring. Native? as Gary Bullock Stunts:  
Co-starring. Native?   John Harnagel Loren Cony
Grandma Moore   Dawn Little Sky Joyce McNeal Wayne Richards
Joe Little Horse   Nathan Bison Stephanie Robideaux George Ruge
Young Barbara   Virginia Mercado Tommy Saenz James Wilkey
Little Girl   Wi-Waste-Win Conroy Kei Johnson C.L. Johnson
Charlene   Melanie Two Eagle    
Nadine   Amy Moore Davis    
Barbara   Jessica White-Plume    
Old man at headquarters   Dave Bald Eagle    
Old woman at headquarters   Julia Recountre    
Young man at headquarters   Mekashi Horinek    
Webster   Richard Swallow    
Webster's friend   Vic Camp    
Codelle   Mark J. Nelson (native?)    
Thief in jail   Reno Lodge (native?)    
Hare brother 1   Mark Barney (native?)    
Hare brother 2   Kevin Gusmano (native?)  
Clyde Bellecourt   Norman Roach (native?)    
Lizzie Fast Horse   Eliza Morrison    
Traditional singer   Mary Olquin    
Sarah Bad Heart Bull   Doreen Gardner    
Carter Camp   Richard Whitman (native?)    
Ellen Moves Camp   Coach Means    
Woman at Calico (elder)   Dora Hernandez    
Buddy Lamont   Owen LeBeau    
Reasonable Man   Edgar Bear Runner    
Red Arrow   Dean Norris    
A.I.M. Warrior   Duane Chalmers    
Marshall   James Hatzell (native?)    
Annie Mae   Kathy Burnett    
Mrs. Lamont   Claudette Sabor    

Kristy Lee Boyd. Cabaret artist and singer/dancer

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