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The following were provided by Stephanie Ann Gritts (material from her newsletter AHG).

Eugene Blackbear
Portrays the elder Spotted Elk, in the film Last of the Dogmen, is a descendant of the Northern Cheyenne tribe that was massacred at Sand Creek, Colorado. Blackbear grew up with a long tradition of oral histories about this terrible event and told it to cast and crew on location. When his character recounts the bloody tragedy to Lillian and Gates in a scene in the film’s tribal lodge, it was for Blackbear a matter of art imitating life. [From Press Kit]

Kent Tompkins photography - photo and small piece

Michael Edmonds
[This is an excerpt from an article in Stephanie's newsletter AHG. There were also some exclusive photos in the newsletter]
Stephanie says: May 18-19 I attended the UC Santa Cruz Pow Wow held on the campus.
* It was my pleasure to meet the Master of Ceremonies who was none other than Michael Edmonds. We had a nice little chat. Michael was an exceptional emcee. One thing for sure, if you listened by the time you left you learned a lot. * "Master of Ceremonies. Michael Edmonds has emceed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kansas University, Long Beach State University, Cal State San Bernadino, and Cal State Los Angeles as well as other places. He has entertained as a singer, dancer and performer at Harvard University, Carnegie Hall, the Superdome, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Huntington Library, the Smithsonian Institute, the Barclay theatre, the Ford Amphitheatre and at many powwows. Michael’s main profession is as an actor. He has appeared in DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN, GROUNDHOG DAY, ON DEADLY GROUND, LAST OF THE DOGMEN, OSIRIS CHRONICLES, MY INDIAN SUMMER, and PICKET FENCES.

From his musical agent:
Michael Edmonds (Dahnoshay)

Actor, Singer, Drummer, Dancer and Storyteller

Sahkona Sun Records/American Legends Music

³I can honestly say that Michaelıs presentation was, by far, one of the best that weıve experienced at our events across the country...a wonderful program of Caddo singing, interspersed with narration about the origins of the songs. Following the songs Michael and Derek led a large group of traditional Caddo dancers in several dances. They even invited our guests to try the traditional dances for themselves, further heightening the experience. The enthusiasm of the guests and performers alike was contagious, and the evening was ³made² by Michael and his group. I highly recommend Dahnoshay.² - Mary E. Thomsan (Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of the American Indian)

³Once again Dahnoshay charmed the audience at the Huntington...the delightful manner in which he presents stories, songs and dances about Native American culture always leaves the audience with a greater appreciation of Native American heritage. ³- Evie Cutting (the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens)
³Dahnoshay were great, I really enjoyed their music² - Peter Rowan
³Dahnoshay were great!² - Maria Muldaur
³Dahnoshay are the real deal, amazing!² - Alvin Youngbood Hart

Michael Edmonds (Dahnoshay) is a traditional Native American Singer, drummer, dancer, storyteller and actor of Caddo and Wichita ancestry. He learned his repertoire of ancient songs and dances from his father, 80 year-old legendary traditional singer and drummer Randlett Edmonds (Tunahhut). Dahnoshay is joined by his son Derek Edmonds (Tewinin) an exceptional singer, drummer and dancer. Dahnoshay is one of the only Native American artists capable of performing a variety of over forty different ancient Native American songs and dances, many that are rarely performed today, including; the Ghost Dance, Washaneeki, Handgame, Caddo Woman Dance, Alligator Dance, Stirrup Dance, Cherokee Dance, Drum, Dance Turkey, Round Dance, Bear Dance, Duck Dance, Fish Dance, Corn Dance, Bell Dance, War Dance, Swing Dance, Corn Dance, Rain Dance, Eagle Dance, Buffalo Dance, Snake Dance, Stomp Dance, Soldier Dance, Gar Dance, Peyote Dance, Intertribal Songs, Morning Dance, 49s, Caddo 49s, Lullabies, Children Songs, Riding Songs and many more.

Dahnoshay has performed at the Smithsonian Institutionıs 150th Anniversary Celebration (Washington, DC), the National Museum of the American Indian (Washington, DC), Carnegie Hall (New York, NY), Harvard University (with Debbie Allen and Marilyn McCoo), Ford Amphitheater (Los Angeles, CA), Jacob Javitts Center (New York, NY), Superdome (New Orleans, LA), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Huntington Library (San Marino, CA), Six Nations Reserve (Ontario, Canada), Folk Life Festival, Redearth Pow Pow (Oklahoma City, OK), Earth Day (San Diego, CA), the Troubadour (Hollywood, CA), Shreveport Stadium (for President Bush), movie premier for ³Naturaly Native² at Paramount Studios (Hollywood, CA) and many more concert venues and festivals around the world. Recently Dahnoshay performed with Peter Rowan, Mary Youngblood
and Francis Clay (Muddy Waters Band) at ³the 3rd Annual Brownie McGhee Tribute² (Oakland, CA) with Bob Weir (Grateful Dead/Ratdog), Rob Wasserman, Eddie Kirkland, Maria Muldaur, Wavy Gravy, Jimmy McCracklin, Henry Kaiser, Hadda Brooks, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Joe Louis Walker and many more.

Dahnoshay is also an accomplished actor and has appeared in numerous Motion Pictures (Naturaly Native, the Last of the Dogmen, Full Body Massage, My Indian Summer, Windspirit, On Deadly Ground, Road To Tomorrow, Groundhog Day, Secret Agent Club, Chick Flick, Mr. North, Trigger Effect), Television shows (Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman, Picket Fences, Baywatch, Osiris Chronicles, Power Rangers), Theater (South Pacific, Peter Pan, Caddie Woodlawn, Mashpee), and voice-over narrations (Contrary Warriors, Song of the Four Winds, Tamika Preston Barmitzva, Itıs Okay To Be Indian).

Dahnoshayıs television appearances also include national talk shows like ³the Today Show² and the ³Angela Hill Show². Dahnoshay also hosts a weekly Native American talk show ³the People² on KDOC and Century Communications in Los Angeles that has featured such Native American
celebrities as Joy Harjo (poet & musician, ³Poetic Justice²), Irene Bedard (actress, ³Lakota Woman², ³Naturally Native²), Tonanzin Carmelo (dancer & actress, ³Blood In - Blood Out²), Yvonne Russo (producer & actress, ³Naturally Native², ³Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman²), Steve Reavis (actor, ³Dances With Wolves², ³Geronimo², ³Fargo²), Dawn Jackson (producer, ³Naturaly Native²), and Mark Abbott (actor, ³Naturally Native²).

Music agent:
PH 415-771-5891, FX 415-931-6656, PG & VM 800-493-4553
P.O. BOX 640409 , SAN FRANCISCO , CALIFORNIA , 94164-0409 ,USA

Acting agent:
Chateau/Billings Agency
5657 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 340
Los Angeles, CA 90036
ph 213-965-5432
fx 213-931-7404

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